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Welcome to bridgee

The place created to help you choose the right app development company in Ukraine

With over 1,000 software development companies and 160,000 IT experts on the Ukrainian IT market, it can be a tricky task to choose the right team without getting burned. This choice can become even more complicated if you have little to no technical background.

- If you would like to get true insider information about the Ukrainian IT outsourcing market...
- If you see no difference between Ruby & PHP, but would like to choose the right solution for your app...
- If you need some guidance on how to kick off your project smoothly...

Then welcome! You have found the perfect place, created to help you make the right decisions when it comes to the development of your project in Ukraine. On bridgee, you will learn plenty of tips to launch your project smoothly, as well as get tons of insider information about the Ukrainian IT market.

Why trust bridgee?

  • Created by a founder of the IT community and the event "Deal Masters," which gives insightful information about the Ukrainian markets unique aspects
  • 10 years in mobile and web app development that makes it possible to share the experience gained for your benefit
  • Dozens of projects successfully launched in your region, be it the USA, UK, or EU
  • Studied in a very international city, Frankfurt am Main, allowing for an understanding of various cultures and mindsets

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