There may be different unpredictable situations during your cooperation with an app development team. For instance, you can’t join a demo meeting as was agreed upon because of some personal reasons. Or there could be a technical issue with Skype while you were supposed to use it during a daily stand-up. How many times did the technology let you down? How often did you need a different online tool to quickly switch to and don’t let your business partner wait until you handle that issue?

I have my own list of top communication software as a plan B in case such situations occur. When I’ve shared this list with my clients, I got surprised that some of them have never heard about them before.

That’s why I’ve decided to devote this post to the review of the top 3 communication software which can help you save a remote meeting with the development team if something goes wrong. 


This is an incredible chat and video conferencing tool. I personally use this communication software very often in those cases when because of some technical issues, I can’t use the tool I was supposed to and should switch to a different one really fast. Sometimes I experience issues with Skype which doesn’t work properly when I need that. Consider as your rescue pill. It takes just a few seconds to set up a meeting room.

All you need to do would be to go to their website, sign up, create an instant room name, then copy and share the meeting link to let other participants join in the browser. The good point is that guests (the free version allows up to 4 people in the room) won’t have to register to access it. 

Once you are in the conference room, you can find some additional features like stickers, screen sharing, and text chat.  The conference room looks like this.


Appear In has a free limited account, and a paid with. A free account includes:

      • 1 personal meeting link
      • Unlimited number of meetings
      • Basic screen sharing
      • Up to 4 people in the room

I think this is fair enough for small meetings. If you need more, you can always upgrade your account.



The idea of Loom is to go beyond plain text and send your message via a shareable video. This free communication software allows you to capture the screen, record your front-end camera, narrate your message and send it all easily as a link to the video.

When can it be helpful? For instance, you can’t join an important meeting, let’s say, a demo meeting during which the team is supposed to show their progress to you. Loom could serve as an efficient way for the team to help you catch up because you could see the team telling about the progress and the shared screen explaining the tasks they complete.

I personally use Loom for recording the proposal presentation sessions in case my clients need to move this information further on to either business partners or investors. Apart from allowing you not to miss a thing and pass the information along smoothly, such a recording would make the presentation personal because you can see the person talking, their emotions and facial expression. My clients say that such the presentations were extremely helpful during their negotiations with the interested sides.

This is what the interface looks like once you are inside of your account.



So far, this communication software is free. I bet that the monetization will come soon as it’s getting more and more popular. A free account includes the following features:

    • Video recording and inline video sharing
    • Basic video editing (trimming)
    • Slack integration
    • Chat
    • Public/ private video folders
    • Adding links to the page you recorded
    • Viewers of the video (to be unlocked if you invite 3 other users)



You might probably have heard about it as Zoom is the leader in enterprise video communication software. This is easy in use platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

Because of the variety of features, there could be tons of use cases for this tool. Our task is to understand how you can leverage from it while working with an app development company. An ideal situation for using this video conferencing software would be literally any meeting with the team, be it an intro call, workshop, daily meeting or status meeting.   

Let me illustrate how the basic features work. As soon as you download the app and complete the registration process, you can set up a personal meeting ID and URL name. You can invite members, share screen, chat and what I find great – record the conference from both front camera and screen. So in case, there is a workshop or a brainstorming session with the team, there is a lot of information to keep in mind, just record your conference call and review it later. The good point is that you can use Zoom from almost any device: PC, Mac, iOS, Android. 

That’s what a conference room looks like once you’re inside.



As a big player on the market, Zoom has different subscription plans. What they’ve got for a free version is:

    • Host up to 100 participants
    • Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings
    • 40 mins limit on group meetings
    • Unlimited number of meetings
    • Online support
    • Web conferencing features (desktop and application sharing, personal room or meeting ID)
    • Video conferencing features (full screen and gallery view, simultaneous screen share)
    • Group collaboration features (group messaging and presence, screen share any iPad/iPhone)

What irritates a little bit in the free version is the 40 mins limit on group meetings which is obviously not always enough. But that’s how they make money and prompt you to upgrade.

I’d like to understand whether or not this review was useful for you. There are 2 ways how you can tell your opinion: like this article and leave your comment. Please tell me what you think so that I could prepare more useful content for you.

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    I’ve never heard about AppearIn before. Just checked it. Looks like a great tool

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